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First aid needs assessment


Completing a first aid needs assessment for your workplace is a statutory duty set out in the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981.  This assessment will allow you to quickly determine the level of training for first aiders, the number and locations that are required whenever the workplace is 'open for business'.  Please contact us for advice and guidance on completing an assessment.


First Aid at Work


A three day course designed to meet the statutory requirements of the Health and Safety [First Aid] Regulations 1981 and the criteria set out in the Code of Practice L74.  Appropriate for anyone appointed to the role of First Aider in their workplace, the course can be run as a three day block or over a number of separate days.


A two day revalidation course and a 3 hour annual update courses that is strongly recommended by the HSE to ensure continuing competence are also available.


Emergency First Aid at Work


The Emergency First Aid at Work course is a one day course ideal for any who has the role of Appointed Person.   This course is ideal for people working in smaller, low risk environments where a first aid needs assessment has identified that a three day trained person is not required.


Paediatric and Emergency Paediatric First Aid


12 and 6 hour courses for anyone with the responsibility for providing first aid casualty management in an Early Years setting.  Designed to meet the criteria set by OFSTED, the courses have been approved and are used by a number of LEAs in England.


AED training


The Resuscitation Council UK have re-affirmed their view that the use of an AED requires little if any practical training.  Our courses are short, to the point and designed to show how you should integrate the deployment of your AED into your Emergency Action Plan.  We will explore ways of ensuring that your staff project a positive and 'in charge' approach to managing a suspected cardiac arrest.


Please contact us for further details of our courses and for prices for individual places and in-house courses.

AQUA Leisure Safety is a regulated by the First Aid Industry Body.  Registered number 005/11 (578)

AQUA Leisure Safety is a member of the Federation of First Aid Training Organisations

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